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Czon Wong

Stretch Therapy™ Senior Teacher

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Introduction to
Stretch Therapy Workshop

Melbourne, Australia


Czon, now residing in Melbourne, Australia, has over 13 years of teaching experiences. She was the Founder of Monkey Business Studio, and adidas stretching, yoga and fitness teacher in Hong Kong. She can always be seen on media and events, sharing her health and wellness tips.


She is the first Senior Teacher of Stretch Therapy™ in Asia, granted by her Mentor Kit Laughlin. During the past 8 years, she has taught this safe and effective stretching method to help her students connecting their minds and bodies, living and moving with their bodies comfortably, and rediscover joy and happiness in their lives.

Graduated with a Master Degree in Sports Management, Czon started her career as a Yoga and Pilates teacher (Yoga Alliance and Polestar Pilates), and later chose her path to become a Stretch Therapy teacher, all due to her passion and desire to bring health and wellness, physically, mentally and spiritually to everyone around her. 


Having been teaching at prestige private clubs and five-star hotels, Czon now has her focus on delivering Stretch Therapy workshops, teaching private students and providing wellness program for corporates.



Christina Chung

Corporate Communications 

"You stretch your mind while stretching you body! Through Czon's Stretch Therapy Workshop, I learn to focus on, connect with and embrace my true self, regaining inner balance and thus creating impact to my daily life. It's a mind-cleansing and self-healing process that one should not miss!"

Stephen Au


"I originally planned to do a massage over the weekend to relax my shoulders and neck but I didn’t need to do that after the class. I did the neck and shoulder Roll Stretch again at home two days ago and slept for a very long time. Thanks Czon for teaching me the technique!"

Danny Lau


"... After Stretch Therapy workshop, I felt unprecedented relaxation and comfort throughout my body. It has been a few days after workshop, blood circulation in my body improved, I feel so much better..."

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