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著對襪做腹肌訓練 核心肌群

訓練核心肌群其實好簡單,只需要一對襪,同3分鐘時間 😆😆

每個動作 👉 30秒 - 1分鐘

每個動作之間休息 👉 15秒 - 30秒

慢慢做好每個動作,好好感受身體 🐒🐒

Core training can be super simple! All you need is 3 minutes, and a pair of socks!

Each exercise 👉 30-60 seconds

Rest between each Exercise 👉 15-30 seconds

Repeat up to 3-5 Minutes

Don't rush it, keep your form and feel your body! 🐒🐒

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