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善用傢具喺屋企家中訓練 挑戰耐力同靈活性

只要動動腦筯,响屋企都可以用唔同既家具做家中訓練 !今次用一張枱,好似跳舞咁,短短1分鐘已經訓練左大腿,臀部,腹部,仲增加埋身體靈活度添!其實Training最緊要好玩!大家都一齊試下啦!個Video係加快左1.5倍架,大家每個動作記住要慢慢做好好感受身體 !

With a bit of creativity, you too can train at home using different furnitures! We will be using a table this time, and just move around like its your dancing partner, within a minute, you could already feel your thigh, hip and abs screaming! Training is all about fun! Remember to feel your body's sensation!

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